Welcome on the home page of W/T Geoingenieure!

We are a geoscience consulting company and are specialized in geology, geophysics, fluid mechanics and geothermal energy.


  • Hydrogeology
  • Evaluation of anthropogenic contamonated sites and waste deposits
  • Engineering Geology


  • Evaluation and interpretation of geophysical bore hole Logs
  • Conducting and interpretation of electrical resistivity tomography

Reservoir Engineering/Fluid Mechanics

  • Groundwater flow modeling using the software MODFLOW/FEFLOW
  • Modeling of mass transport in groundwater using the software MT3DFL/FEFLOW
  • FEM-modeling of the buoyancy driven fluid flow due to density differences in underground cavities
  • Modeling of the soil water/groundwater flow in disposal sites and adjacent areas based on the software HELP, COUPMODEL, FEM
  • Modeling of the formation and development of salt caverns
  • FEM-modeling of the brine flow in salt caverns including mass and heat transport

Geothermal Energy And Their Utilization

  • Design of ground source heat pump/borehole heat exchanger (EED, FEM)
  • Conducting and evaluation of geothermal response tests (Geothermal Response Test)
  • FEM-modeling of the heat transport in deep geothermal water systems and their utilization

Modeling Service

  • Modeling of coupled physical phenomena in the subsurface
  • Fluid flow in pore space and in larger subsurface cavities
  • Buoyancy driven fluid flow (free convection)
  • Fluid flow with mass transport and energy transpor
  • Heat transfer